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Payday Loan applications should not be time consuming or stressful, which is why Kangaroo Payday has developed pioneering technology. Understanding that you need your application processed as fast as possible has driven our business to find solutions to online loan application processing. We aim to maximise your chances of being accepted through showing your application to as many lenders on our panel as possible, one at a time, in a small matter of time. Kangaroo Payday will provide you with the speed, security and careful consideration you require.

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Approx cost of borrowing $400 for 1 Month


Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory



Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania




Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory


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Secure and Simple Application Process

The technology used by Kangaroo Payday allows us to search a huge panel of lenders in under one minute! All you need to do is complete the online application form and we will do the rest.

Forward Thinking Payday Loans Online

Kangaroo Payday is a specialist service aiming to help Australians match their financial situation with a payday product to suit them. We only require our customers to honestly fill out one application form, and our market-leading technology powers your application to our panel of lenders.

It is the Kangaroo Payday process that is so unique, lenders will have the chance to view and potentially approve your application individually. This provides your application with the attention and care it deserves. If a lender chooses not to approve your online loan application, it shall then be passed to a subsequent lender, maximising your chances of getting approved versus applying to lenders directly.

Collections Process

When you begin repaying your loan it is vital that you remain open and communicate with your lender should you at any point, become aware that you shall find it difficult to repay. You must contact the organisation funding your loan amount directly in the first instance, even if you think there is only a slight chance of financial difficulty and it will be in the future. Contacting your lender at this point will keep the potential options to you open, as your lender may be able to discuss possible alternative options for re-payment. These options may only be available to some borrowers, and will potentially incur further charges or interest depending on your lender. Remaining honest and open with your loan provider is essential for resolving financial difficulties and avoiding total non payment. If no attempt is made to contact your lender please be aware that the organisation funding your loan reserves the right to pass the details of your loan agreement, in addition to information about you, to a third party agency that will attempt to reclaim and collect amounts owed.

Implications of Non-Payment

If you miss a payment of your loan there will normally be a fee or charge that will be added onto the total amount owed as a direct result. Lenders will always try and contact you in the event of a total non payment, the form of contact will be dependent on the information you have provided when applying. The aim of contacting you at this point is to try and re arrange a date for repayment of your loan and recover the amount owed. As a further point, if there is a case of a total non payment where you do not seek to contact your loan provider immediately, the details of this could be recorded on your credit profile.

Late Payment

If you become aware that you will, or potentially could, be late in making a payment to your lender then you are advised to contact your lender straight away in the first instance. If you are able to re arrange the date of repayment there will usually be a fee or extra charge for doing so. This charge will vary depending on who has funded your loan. If you are still unsure regarding what will happen should you be late re-paying or actions you should take in the event of making a late payment, please consult your loan terms and conditions. There will be further information in regard to late payments included in these terms and conditions and will have come directly from your lender not Kangaroo Payday.

Renewal Policy

If you are considering rolling over on your repayment date, or extending the loan period of your original loan please understand the implications of taking this route. Kangaroo Payday do not and will not ever recommend you should renew your payday loan or rollover. If you realise that you do wish to renew your loan then you must contact your lender immediately. If during the course of repaying your loan amount you have not met the terms and conditions originally signed and agreed to, or if you have failed to keep up with payments, an extension of your loan may be automatic. This will again depend on the provider of your loan. In most cases if you successfully renew your loan amount you will still be charged the same amount of interest; however this interest will apply to the new full amount borrowed and not just the original principal amount. This will be dependent on your lender, in addition to your repayment history over the course of your loan term.

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